Sustainable concrete and simplify earth construction

We developed a patented additive technology that allows transforming excavation construction waste into sustainable building materials without cement. 

To produce “cement-free concrete or Cleancrete©”, the additives first improve the workability of mixture for easier processing and casting, second accelerate the hardening to remove the formwork after 24 hours.

Furthermore, we use conventional concrete infrastructure and similar processing techniques to produce Cleancrete©.

Cleancrete© has 90% CO2 reduction and cost reduction compared to conventional concrete.

Referring to other earth construction techniques, Oxara technology is easier to use and accelerates the construction time.

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Closing the circle

Transform the industry

The challenges of the construction industry in numbers: 

1/3 of global energy consumption and 30% global CO2 emissions: cement accounts for 7% of global CO2 emissions

40% of primary resources consumed and 50% of the construction waste generated including excavation material removed to build foundations.

2 billion people lack access to sustainable, decent and affordable housing.

We need to rethink building material and redefine the construction market. Oxara takes a pragmatic, but future-oriented approach to realize a future construction industry capable of delivering sustainable and affordable housing while saving the planet one home at the time. Teaching and building strategy that includes its stakeholders accelerates the spread of Oxara technology creating not only a societal impact but also generating a profit!

Step 1

Oxara as additives supplier

To recycling & construction companies (RMX producers) and bricks manufacturers, Oxara sells the additives and licenses the mix design for producing sustainable building materials.

Step 2

Oxara as products developer

Oxara co-develops with RMX concrete producers and bricks manufacturers sustainable building materials such as Cleancrete©, Cleanbrick© and more, based on excavation materials.  

Step 3

Oxara as contractor for affordable housing

Oxara as a contractor consists of delivering access to sustainable and affordable housings worldwide based on the cement-free concrete technology.

Partnerships​ and collaboration are key: teaching strategy, constructive systems based on material performances, and required infrastructures to implement the technology within the local context is developed to disseminate the knowledge among builders, masons, architects, and local stakeholders.






Applications and ongoing projects